Immundiagnostik – Closing the Gaps in Diagnostics


Immundiagnostik AG, founded in 1986, is a globally operating diagnostics company represented in over 70 countries. We focus on the development and production of innovative immunoassays and other analytical detection methods (e.g. HPLC and PCR) for medical routine and research. Furthermore, we offer a broad portfolio of antibodies and antigens.

Business Focus

Immundiagnostik offers a broad product and service portfolio in various clinical areas:

  • Cardiovascular and renal diseases
  • Skeletal system
  • Gastroenterology
  • Anti-Aging / Oxidative Stress


Our business relations include contract analyses for diagnostic laboratories and academic research institutions, esp. in context with clinical trials. Multiple cooperations with the pharmaceutical industry and a tight network with scientific organisations are the basis for a successful product development.


Our comprehensive range of products is continuously refuelled by a rich pipeline of proprietary developments. With a headcount of more than 80 employees, Immundiagnostik’s headquarter is located in Bensheim, south-western Germany.


We develop innovations in diagnostics and preventive medicine for a world in which diseases are diagnosed and treated in time.

In the past, we developed analytical tools which today are used routinely in every clinical laboratory.

Now, we are developing tests for basic and applied research which will soon help predict and prevent diseases.

Discover the risk of diseases, enable precise prognoses and monitor therapies continuously - there lies the future.