HPLC – Innovative Quality Products for Routine and Research

Immundiagnostik interprets „HPLC“ as High-class diagnostics, custom-tailored Products , Long-standing experience,  Certified excellency.

We offer a broad portfolio of HPLC-
products for single use or automated systems.

Immundiagnostik harbours more than 20 years of experience in the HPLC market. No matter which application – routine or research – our HPLCs impress with exceptional quality and continuity. As part of our comprehensive HPLC-toolbox, we offer assays which analyse oxidative system parameters or biomarkers for microcirculation or determine antioxidants and vitamins. The fields of application are numerous: Our HPLC kits are used in sports medicine, transplantation medicine, preventive medicine, cardiovascular research, bone metabolism research or orthomolecular research, just to name a few. Our HPLC-kits allow an accurate determination of vitamins, a timely diagnosis of cardiovascular risks and a comprehensive analysis of oxidative stress.

We expand our HPLC-product portfolio on a constant basis. According to the needs of our customers, we develop innovative products that are optimised for hands-on applications and impress for example with short running times. Our HPLC-Assays for the determination of Vitamin K1 in plasma and serum are unique in the market.


Our HPLC-Tests are ISO-/ CE-certified, which is an important prerequisite for the use in accredited laboratories. All HPLC-applications for routine and research are produced according to IVD regulation 98/79 EG. Immundiagnostik holds the quality certificates ISO EN DIN 9001 (2000) and ISO EN DIN 13485 (2003).

In addition, we validate our HPLCs by participating in external quality controls, such as national and international interlaboratory tests. Given these high quality standards, the HPLC-analysis of Immundiagnostik is an established laboratory diagnostic method, ideal for routine and research.

The use of our internal standards and calibrations enables single HPLC-specifications.

In contrast to immunological assays, the HPLC method can detect and eliminate matrix effects. The HPLC kits by Immundiagnostik allow economic handling: They can be used for small sample series or they can be automated for high throughput. On demand, we deliver all HPLC parts of our ready-to-use applications separately to allow for optimal and efficient use of the assay components.

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