Immundiagnostiks’ Immunoassays /ELISAs – Innovative, Certified, User-Friendly

Immundiagnostik offers a broad portfolio of Immunoassays/ELISAs which are applicable in clinical routine and research and include unique proprietary products that have been developed for specific problems in laboratory diagnostics or in research.

Our Immunoassays/ELISAs have been developed for routine use in medical laboratory diagnostics as well as for research purposes. We update and expand our Immunoassay/ELISA  portfolio on a continuous basis according to the needs of our customers and the latest scientific and technological knowledge. We offer our Immunoassays/ELISAs in the areas of gastroenterology, cardiovascular diseases, bone metabolism, oxidative stress as well as in orthomolecular medicine. Our Immunoassays/ELISAs are adapted to fit a wide range of practical needs, from a clinical diagnostic laboratory to a classical research lab. Most tests work with various sample matrices, such as blood, urine, stool or tissue culture supernatants. We also provide Immunoassays/ELISAs for different species, e.g. human, mouse or rat. In addition, we develop custom-tailored Immunoassays/ELISAs on demand as part of our contract services.

Immundiagnostik takes pride in the exceptional quality of our Immunoassays/ELISAs which is monitored by strict regulations in production and quality control. The majority of our tests are warranted with the CE-sign after intensive evaluation by our partners in academia and clinical routine as part of a broad cooperative network. As manufacturer of in-vitro-diagnostics, we comply with the German Medical Product Law (MPG) and the IVD-guidelines 98/79/EG. Our quality management is certified according to ISO EN DIN 9001 und ISO EN DIN 13485.

Beyond our constant in-house quality control, we evaluate our Immunoassays/ELISAs by participating on a regular basis in independent external quality controls, e.g. interlaboratory studies (INSTAND e.V.). Moreover, our customers always achieve best results with our products in independent quality controls.

We develop, produce and sell Immunoassays/ELISAs since 1986. We offer this wealth of experience, expertise, technical skill and validated detection methods as part of our contract services. If you can’t find a product that fits your need we provide a tailored Immunoassay/ELISA for your purposes.

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