Immunochemicals by Immundiagnostik – Precision Tools for Research

Our immunochemicals
are quality products, designed for a broad range of applications in medical, pharmaceutical and life science research. The antibodies and antigens are largely produced inhouse and can be offered as bulk-ware on demand.

Our immunochemicals represent an ideal supplementation of our test kits and assays for research use. The immunochemical product portfolio covers the broad field of basic and applied science in medicine and biology.  We sell immunochemicals on extra-cellular matrix, growth factors, hormones and their receptors as well as on various characteristic markers of metabolism. Many immunochemicals are unique, protected by patents and sold exclusively by Immundiagnostik. Our portfolio consists of mono- and polyclonal antibodies antigens and research reagents. For antibody generation, we use different hosts such as rabbit, goat, sheep, mouse, chicken, guinea pig, or donkey. As part of our contract services, Immundiagnostik produces custom tailored immunochemicals or develops entire test systems which are designed for special needs in research or diagnostics. We also produce immunochemicals conjugated with peroxidase, biotin, or alkaline phosphatase.

The certified inhouse production of immunochemicals assures consistent high quality. Our antibodies against serum proteins are all tested by immunoassays (ELISA, RIA) and selected for highest specificity and sensitivity. A wealth of scientific publications demonstrates the broad application areas of our immunochemicals in various fields of research.

The use of the immunochemicals in Western Blots, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry and flow-cytometry are described in detail in our manuals. The antibodies and antigens from Immundiagnostik are shipped either lyophilized or on dry ice, depending on product specifications and destination.

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