Laboratory Diagnostics for Clinical Routine and Research

Immundiagnostik is a globally operating diagnostics company with the aim of providing products and services that close the gaps in laboratory diagnostics. Our portfolio is designed for a wide field of applications in clinical routine such as for diagnosis and therapy monitoring or in research and development of novel drugs.

Immundiagnostik AG started out in 1986 with the aim of developing modern laboratory diagnostics for clinical routine and research. Meanwhile, we are a globally operating lab diagnostics company with distributors in more than 30 countries. The main focus of our activities is the development and production of innovative immunoassays and other analytic tools for medical routine and research. Our lab diagnostics cover the practical needs of a physicians’ office as well as of a clinical facility or of a research lab. The products are applicable for various sample matrices, such as blood, urine, stool, tissue culture supernatants , and different species (human, mouse, rat). Our innovative, custom-tailored assays service unmet demands. In addition, our lab diagnostics portfolio includes a broad variety of antibodies and antigenes.

No matter if routine or research, Immundiagnostik is a competent and experienced partner in solving lab diagnostics problems.

We maintain cooperations with clinical diagnostics laboratories and academic research institutions and provide contract services in lab diagnostics, esp. as part of clinical studies. Joint projects with pharmaceutical companies and various memberships in scientific organisations are key to the successful development of our laboratory diagnostics.

Securing progress: Our broad product portfolio in lab diagnostics is continuously fed by a comprehensive pipeline of proprietary developments. We use our branched global network as a Think Tank to forge novel methods and markers for laboratory diagnostics and medical research.

Immundiagnostik is part of numerous R&D projects. We invest in the development of new products with the potential to occupy vacant niches in the lab diagnostics market. Several research projects are supported by public grants and are aimed at discovering new parameters for differential lab diagnostics.

We protect our innovative proprietary developments by a number of national and international patents and brands. These rights secure exclusive business with our unique laboratory diagnostic tools thereby supporting the commercial success of our company. The Immundiagnostik AG holds 35 patents in Europe, USA, Japan, Canada and Australia in the areas of differential diagnostics, calcium-/bone metabolism, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmunopathies and gastroenterology.

Immundiagnostik is a medium-sized company with 50 employees, our office and production facilities are located in Bensheim, South-Hessia.

Our vision is to provide innovations in laboratory diagnostics and preventive medicine to discover and treat diseases in time. Yesterday, we have developed analytic tools which are used routinely today in classical laboratory diagnostics. Today, we develop tests for research and development which will help predict and prevent diseases. Discover health risks, enable exact prognoses and monitor therapies – there lies the future and lab diagnostics from Immundiagnostik provide the tools.

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