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Focus: The newsletter focuses on vitamin determination (gastroenterology: pellagra & Crohn's disease; B12 deficiency and proton inhibitors; hepatology: NAFL; neurology: MS, Parkinson disease, cardiology, reproductive medicine; geriatrics and paediatrics).

Research and News: Laboratory tip for monitoring the vitamin status with intravenous high-dose vitamin C administration.


Focus: newsletter II/2019 focuses on the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.
Cardiology is discussed in terms of women's health and risk of heart attack in women, pulmonology (early detection and monitoring of ischemic heart disease during COPD) and nephrology (new biomarkers in cardiorenal syndrome / dialysis patients).

Furthermore: new markers for anaphylaxis and mast cell diseases; diagnostic algorithms for stepwise diagnosis of gluten intolerance, intestinal as well as neurological and dermatological manifestation; nutritional medicine and microbiome.

Research and News: Research on Klotho; new products for therapy monitoring in CED; IDK extract®.


Focus: clinical conditions with and laboratory diagnostics of irritable bowel syndrome und gluten sensitivity (microbiome analysis; bile acids; algorithm for celiac diagnosis including gluten in stool)

Furthermore: specific diagnostics for Multiple Scerosis; haptoglobin genotype for diabetes patients; Tryptophan/kynurenine metabolism;

Research and News: Immundiagnostik, Inc. in Manchester, NH, USA, starts operational activities.



Focus:  gastroenterology with CED diagnostics and faecal calprotectin as a prognostic marker, health economic aspects of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis therapies and the stability of samples when tested for Infliximab and Adalimumab.

Furthermore: a case description of celiac disease and the challenging diagnostics and new strategies for the diagnosis of postinfectious irritable bowel syndrome after travel diarrhoea.

Research and News: Excursus into veterinary medicine (chronic kidney disease); MutaCHIP® Respira and LC-MS/MS for monitoring the drug level of vedolizumab.



Focus: lots of news on many parameters! Measurement of bile acids in stool samples with non-invasive test procedure, vitamin D, the vitamin D binding protein and its genotypes, glutathione and type 2 diabetes.

Furthermore: the Hepcidin 25 test receives an award at an symposium! Celiac disease: HLA-DQ 2 and 8 and transglutaminase detection; tryptophan/kynurenine ratio as a biomarker in coronary heart disease.

Research and news: further improvement/certification for IDK® bile acids, anti-oxLDL ELISA, vitamin D LC-MS/MS, total sRANKL, glutamate detection.


December 2013

Focus is on neurotransmitters and metabolites. Serotonin - tryptophan - kynurenine, phenylalanine - tyrosine, glutamine - glutamate - GABA - glycine, BCAA (the branched-chain amino acids) of the brain metabolism.

Furthermore: is it about Legionella pneumophila

Research and News: 25OH Vitamin D direct day ELISA


July 2013

Focus is on the intestine: from TNF alpha blocker monitoring to calprotectin, from alpha 1 antitrypsin to zonulin and everything related to colorectal cancer screening.

Furthermore: there is information on the differential diagnosis of allergies, histamine intolerance and gluten intolerances (EDN, DAO, transglutaminases).

Research and news: hints for successful participation in interlaboratory trials.


I. Issue 2012

Focus is on vitamin D and related parameters: Vitamin D determination from dried blood and the gold standard, the 25(OH) Vitamin D Xpress

Furthermore: it is about myostatin as a clinical marker in heart failure, e.g. in cardiac cachexia and about RBP4, proinsulin, adiponectin, resistin etc. as a biomarker package in diabetes type 2 prevention and the role of relaxin-2 in patients with heart failure (endothelial dysfunction). The measurement of oxidized PTH (OxPTH) is discussed for therapy control in renal patients.

Research and news: IDK has a team for medical science in Berlin.



Focus is on 25 years of Immundiagnostik to detect and prevent diseases and monitor therapies in research and clinical routine. With this in mind relevant parameters are identified and made detectable and measurable as clinical biomarkers.

Further topics are vitamin D, stool analysis and special buffers for it, PCR for MRSA diagnostics and reliable iron deficiency routine markers.

Research and news: Lactoferrin as a supplement in CED screening and the discussion of 1-point calibration versus standard curve.



Focus is on the continuous expansion of the portfolio of vitamin D determination methods and innovations in vitamin D analysis.

Further topics are the EHEC determination, DAO ELISA for histamine intolerance and the determination of intestinal bacteria via PCR. 

Research and news: 1,25(OH)2Vitamin D2/D3 Immotube® LC-MS/MS Kit.



Focus are the new possibilities for therapy monitoring in CED and the panel on neuroimmunology.

Furthermore Norovirus PCR, Pregnenolone sulphate with LC-MS/MS and the ELISA for L-Arginine.

Research and news: check your vitamin D status even in winter!



The focus is on markers in gastroenterology and myostatin with its role in the development of insulin resistance.

Furthermore vitamin B6 and colon cancer risk, RBP-4 measurement the extraction of viral RNA from stool.

Research and News: PCR analysis for spinal muscular atrophy and detection of malondialdehyde in urine.



The focus is on the new requirements in German clinical laboratory diagnostics according to new regulations The IDK kits now contain additional controls and there are more controls for monitoring the progress.

Furthermore: Neuro-balance profile for the analysis of neurotransmitters and micronutrients; Calprotectin ELISA with 1-point calibration and S100 A12 for screening of diarrhoea.

Research and News: Stool sample tubes for exact dosing of the sample without weighing the stool.



The focus is on molecular biology with MutaPlate®, MutaREX® and MutaPLEX® for Norovirus, RT-PCR for influenza and swine flu.

Furthermore a portfolio of ELISAs for therapy monitoring in CED (drug, antibody and calprotectin tests).

Research and news: Discussion of a scientific publication on β-Defensin 2 as a reliable stool marker for ulcerative colitis and the anti-oxidative capacity of wine.


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