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Focus: The newsletter focuses on vitamin determination (gastroenterology: pellagra & Crohn's disease; B12 deficiency and proton inhibitors; hepatology: NAFL; neurology: MS, Parkinson disease, cardiology, reproductive medicine; geriatrics and paediatrics).
Research and News: Laboratory tip for monitoring the vitamin status with intravenous high-dose vitamin C administration.



Focus: newsletter II/2019 focuses on the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.
Cardiology is discussed in terms of women's health and risk of heart attack in women, pulmonology (early detection and monitoring of ischemic heart disease during COPD) and nephrology (new biomarkers in cardiorenal syndrome / dialysis patients).
Furthermore: new markers for anaphylaxis and mast cell diseases; diagnostic algorithms for stepwise diagnosis of gluten intolerance, intestinal as well as neurological and dermatological manifestation; nutritional medicine and microbiome.
Research and News: Research on Klotho; new products for therapy monitoring in CED; IDK extract®.


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