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June 2020

Focus: the June 2020 newsletter focuses on gluten-related diseases. Celiac disease as a “chameleon of medicine” has many faces: gastrointestinal celiac disease, manifestation as a skin disease and also neuro-coeliac disease. There is also the non-celiac disease gluten sensitivity. The entire complex of these health disorders is summarized as gluten related diseases (GRD).

Furthermore, current publications on the diagnosis, therapy and monitoring of gluten-related diseases will be presented and individual case studies discussed on the basis of the new guideline of the European Society for the Study of Celiac Disease (ESsCD).

Research and News: a diagnosis algorithm based on the patient and the symptoms (with all anti-transglutaminase variants / HLA DQ analysis, EDN) plus diagnostics for therapy monitoring (fecal gluten).


May 2020 special edition

Focus: newsletter I/2020 focuses on the Sars-CoV-2 virus and the disease COVID-19, which is induced by SARS-CoV-2, together with the associated biochemistry, epidemiology, clinics, laboratory diagnostics, treatment and monitoring, and the role of vitamins. Active COVID-19 prevention is explained: how to strengthen the immune system against viral infections and which are the corresponding laboratory diagnostic markers for this. Vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc have particularly protective properties. 

Furthermore: which markers are important for prevention, which during acute and later infection?

Research and News: Interpretation aids for further parameters that should be measured during a COVID-19 infection: CRP, PCT, LDH, creatinine and urea, total bilirubin or also troponin T. The importance of different methods is discussed.


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