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The following products are new in our portfolio:

IDKmonitor®: biologic therapy monitoring

Our Assays for the biologic therapy monitoring get a trademark:


Test parameters, the proven and reliable quality and article numbers remain the same.


PhiCal® Calprotectin is renamed as IDK® Calprotectin

The PhiCal® Calprotectin ELISAs from Immundiagnostik have adopted a new trademarked name: IDK® Calproctin. This is the only change; the proven and reliable properties of the ELISAs stay the same!

K 6927: IDK®</sp...

Protransduzin®-A: nanofibrils boost efficiency of retroviral gene transfer

Retroviral gene transfer, or transduction, is a common technique to insert foreign genes into cells. Gene transfer efficiency depends on the concentration of the virus particles used and their ability to adhere to the target cells.

Protransduzin®-A, a small nanofib...

IDK Extract® – new buffer for the comprehensive stool analysis in a single extraction step for sample preparation

One single extraction step using only one tube – this saves time and costs in the laboratory.

Contract analyses for the individual control of TNFalpha blocker therapy with IDKmonitor® ELISA tests

Determination of drug levels and anti-drug antibodies during therapy enables an efficient and effective treatment of patients with chronic inflammations

Novel tests for comprehensive routine diagnostics of iron deficiencies

Chromatographic determination of zinc protoporphyrin and hepcidin

Displaying results 1 to 7 out of 12

Displaying results 1 to 7 out of 12

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