Protransduzin®-A: nanofibrils boost efficiency of retroviral gene transfer

Retroviral gene transfer, or transduction, is a common technique to insert foreign genes into cells. Gene transfer efficiency depends on the concentration of the virus particles used and their ability to adhere to the target cells.

Protransduzin®-A, a small nanofibril forming peptide, is a novel, versatile tool to boost retro- and lentiviral gene transfer:

Protransduzin®-A for concentration of virus particles in medium of choice

  • Easy sedimentation of virus-nanofibril-complexes by low-speed centrifugation using a common bench top centrifuge

Protransduzin®-A for better retro- and lentiviral gene transfer efficiency

  • Enhances transduction rates with all cell types tested, especially suitable for use with macrophages and stem cells
  • Effective independent of retroviral vector system or glycoprotein used
  • Easy to use - no coating procedure necessary
  • Superior transduction efficiency compared with other commonly used transduction enhancers

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