IDKmonitor®: biologic therapy monitoring

Our Assays for the biologic therapy monitoring get a trademark:


Test parameters, the proven and reliable quality and article numbers remain the same.

Determination of drug levels
K 9657: IDKmonitor® Adalimumab drug level, ELISA
K 9655: IDKmonitor® Infliximab drug level, ELISA
K 9656: IDKmonitor® Golimumab drug level, ELISA
KM9600: IDKmonitor® Vedolizumab drug level, LC-MS/MS NEW!
K 9658: IDKmonitor® Vedolizumab drug level, ELISA NEW!
K 9646: IDKmonitor® Etanercept drug level, ELISA NEW!


Determination of ADAs (anti-drug-antibodies)
K 9652: IDKmonitor® Adalimumab free ADA, ELISA
K 9651: IDKmonitor® Adalimumab total ADA, ELISA
K 9650: IDKmonitor® Infliximab free ADA, ELISA
K 9654: IDKmonitor® Infliximab total ADA, ELISA
K 9653: IDKmonitor® Etanercept free ADA, ELISA
K 9649: IDKmonitor® Golimumab free ADA, ELISA NEW!


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