IDK® Bile Acids Test for in vitro determination of bile acids in faeces

Non-invasive diagnosis in chronic diarrhea and suspected bile acid malabsorption syndrome.

Bile acids are the final products of the cholesterol metabolism of the liver and, together with the other components of the bile, e. g. cholesterol, bilirubin, phospholipids and proteins, are secreted into the duodenum.
Most of the bile acids secreted daily are reabsorbed in the terminal ileum, introduced via the portal vein to the liver, and excreted again with the bile. This process, which is also called enterohepatic circuit, leads to the fact that only 3 - 5% of the bile acids are excreted with the stool every day.
Important functions of the bile acids are the excretion of cholesterol via the intestine, intake of fats and fat-soluble vitamins in the small intestine as well as stimulation of intestinal motility.
It indicates a bile acid malabsorption syndrome when the bile acids in the ileum can no longer be sufficiently recovered for the body and are lost through the stool. The cardinal symptom is chologenic diarrhea. Up to 50% of patients with chronic diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea suffer from bile acid malabsorption syndrome. Often malabsorption is due to morphological changes of the ileum, e. g.  by inflammatory diseases or by resection. However, malabsorption can also be associated with medication such as metformin or can be caused by functional abnormalities such as an accelerated transit in the small intestine and associated reduction in reabsorption.
The IDK® Bile Acids Test measures photometrically all free bile acids in faeces and serves the differential diagnosis of chronic diarrhea. In contrast to other test methods, the patient does not experience any radioactive radiation exposure with the IDK® Bile Acids Test. No additional laboratory equipment is required for HPLC or LC-MS.
microtiter plate test     K 7878W
cuvette test         K 7878CV
for automated processing K 7878DX

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