Anti-Müllerian Hormone ELISA for the determination of anti-Müllerian hormone in serum and plasma

For diagnostic use in reproductive medicine, gynecology, urology and paediatrics

The anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) is a homodimeric glycoprotein (535 amino acids) and belongs to the TGF-ß family, which also includes the various inhibins and activins. These glycoproteins have an essential function in cell differentiation and cell growth.
During embryonic development, AMH plays a pivotal role in sexual differentiation: in male fetuses it is formed by the Sertoli cells and leads to the regression of Müllerian's ducts. The female fetuses lack AMH, Müllerian's ducts continue to differentiate and form the internal female genitals.
The production of AMH occurs in women in the granulosa cells and begins as soon as postneonatal primary follicles are formed with granulosa cells.
With increasing age, the follicle pool of the woman empties and, accordingly, the AMH concentration decreases to no longer measurable levels in the menopause.
During the menstrual cycle, no significant variation in the AMH concentration can be detected. Thus, AMH can be determined at any time of the menstrual cycle. Even vaginal or oral administration of contraceptives does not affect AMH levels.

Clinical significance
The field of application of AMH lies above all in the determination of the ovarian reserve in the context of sterility assessment and IVF treatment.
Further applications are
• Supportive diagnosis in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and chemo-monitoring for ovarian toxicity
• In men, a differential diagnosis of infertility due to maldescensus testis or cause of azoospermia
• Pediatric differential diagnosis for precocious puberty, pubertal tarda and intersexual malformations / diseases

The test is a sandwich ELISA, sample matrix: serum or plasma (50 µl)
Anti-Müllerian Hormone ELISA         Cat. No.: KKT804
(not available in Italy, UAE, Iran)

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