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a1-Microglobulin (a1-M) ELISA
K6710, 6710
Article number:
K 6710
96 Tests
Incubation time:
1 h; 1 h; 15 min
10 µl
Plasma, Serum, Urine
0.019-1.5 mg/l
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Alpha 1 Microglobulin, a glycoprotein heterogeneous in charge, was reported to occur both as a monomer with 31kDa but also as a polymer with 90 kDa in a covalent binding with one of the two alpha chains of the monomeric Immunoglobulin A. Alpha-1-Mikroglobulin is produced in the liver and is a protein with a small molecular weight. These proteins are metabolised in the kidneys and in a healthy person, only minor amounts can be detected in urine. If the glomerular filtration rate is limited, then the increase of Alpha-1-Microglobulin is seen in serum. If the relationship between the total sum of Albumin-IgG, Alpha-1-Microglobulin in comparison to the total protein in urine is disturbed, then this indicates a prerenal protinuria.

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