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C-reactive Protein (CRP) ELISA
K9710S, K9710s, K 9710 S, K 9710 s, 9710S, 9710s, 9710 S, 9710 s, 9710
Article number:
K 9710S
96 Tests
Incubation time:
1 h; 1 h; 15 min
10 µl (Serum, Plasma), 15 mg (Stool), 50 µl (Dried Blood, Urine)
Serum, Plasma, Stool, Dried Blood Spots, Urine
1.9-150 ng/ml
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C-reactive Protein (CRP) is mainly formed in hepatocytes. The synthesis rate is determined by the influence of cytokines involved in inflammatory processes. The biological half-life is estimated to be 13-16 hours. A connection between inflammatory reactions and cardiovascular diseases such as arterios­clerosis and latent or chronically persisting infections has been described in recent studies. The CRP concentrations in healthy persons are under 5 µg/ml. CRP belongs to the acute phase proteins and will be released within 24 hours after inflammatory process started (fever, pneumonia, myocardial infarction, etc.). CRP proved itself as a marker for inflammation.

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