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Biologic therapy monitoring: IDKmonitor® Infliximab free ADA, ELISA
K9650, 9650
Article number:
K 9650
96 Tests
Incubation time:
over night; 1h; 10-20min
50 µl
Serum, EDTA-plasma
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The success of a TNFalpha blocker therapy e. g. in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases is dependent on the choice of the appropriate drug, an effective dosage and, when indicated, the administration of immunosuppressive medication. For an optimal individual control of these parameters, Immundiagnostik now offers the following contract analyses of antibodies against TNFalpha blocker:

IDKmonitor® -determination of antibodies against TNFalpha blockers
  • Specific ELISA analysis of free human antibodies against TNFalpha blocker: anti-drug-antibodies against Infliximab (e.g. Remicade®), anti-drug-antibodies against Adalimumab (e.g. Humira®) or anti-drug-antibodies against Etanercept (e.g. Enbrel®)
  • Determination of total human antibodies against Infliximab (e.g. Remicade®) or human antibodies against Adalimumab (e. g. Humira®)
  • Specific, no co-determination of rheuma factors or irregular antibodies
  • Monitoring of immunogenicity facilitates decisions on drug choice and additional medication

Contact for Immundiagnostik‘s IDKmonitor® TNFalpha blocker therapy contract analysis Jana Ruppert

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