Our Services:
Innovative Laboratory Diagnostics for Individual Solutions

No matter if routine or research, Immundiagnostik is a competent and experienced partner in addressing your questions and needs in laboratory diagnostics.

Contract Development

If you need a test system tailored to your research or diagnostic needs, we are the perfect match! We will take time to discuss your demand and consult you on the most fitting, cost-effective solution.

We offer among others

  • Antigen production
  • Antibody production and characterisation
  • Development of immunoassays
  • Manufacturing of reagents for routine assays


Contract Analyses

Since 1986, we develop, manufacture, and market clinical diagnostics. During this time we have acquired a thorough knowledge in this field. We are happy to offer you this expertise to develop a diagnostic tool according to your specifications.
One example is the determination of drug levels and anti-drug antibodies in a personalized TNFalpha blocker therapy in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases.


Labelling of Peptides and Proteins

Our service includes luminscence- and biotin-labelling. Alternative labellings and modifications can be offered on request.

Purchase Order Processing

Claudia Wandesleben / Gudrun Gutschalk
Phone: +49 6251 70190-175 /-177
Fax: +49 6251 70190-363
email: export@immundiagnostik.com

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