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Myeloperoxidase (IDK® Myeloperoxidase) ELISA
K6631B, K6631 B, K 6631 B, 6631B, 6631 B, 6631
Article number:
K 6631B
96 Tests
Incubation time:
1 h; 1 h; 10-20 min
100 µl (Pl.), 25 µl (Ser.)
Plasma, Serum
1.9-30 ng/ml
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MPO as prognostic marker for cardiovascular diseases
MPO is part of the defense mechanism of the polymorphonuclear leukocytes against exogenic substances. Recent studies suggest a mechanistic link between myeloperoxidase, inflammation and both acute and chronic manifestations of cardiovascular diseases.
MPO is suited for the followin indications:

  • Oxidative stress

  • Risk asssessment in patients with acute coronary syndrome

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