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MutaGEL® Rickettsia, PCR
KE 09018, K E09018, K E 01018
Article number:
24 Tests
200 µl
DNA (from tick or biological liquids)
PCR (allel specific)
For research use only.

Among diseases transmitted by ticks, tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) caused by Tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) and Lyme disease caused by Borrelia burgdorferi spirochete are most important. Also Ehrlichiae are associated for a part of their life cycle with ticks, which serve as vectors for vertebrate hosts. They are small gram-negative obligately intracellular bacteria that multiply within vacuoles of their host cells.
Rickettsia species are carried as parasites by many ticks, fleas, and lice, and cause diseases such as typhus, rickettsialpox, Boutonneuse fever, African Tick Bite Fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Australian Tick Typhus in human beings. The name rickettsia is often used for any member of the Rickettsiales. They are thought to be the closest living relatives to bacteria that were the origin of the mitochondria organelle that exists inside most eukaryotic cells.

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