IDK® TurbiPEL® (200 tests)

Article number: TU1011.2



Pack size

200 Tests

Standard concentrations included in the kit

5-400 µg/g

Possible sample matrix and volumes

Stool 15 mg


Regulatory Status

CE marked

IDK®  TurbiPEL® determines human pancreatic elastase in stool samples. It is intended for the diagnosis of an exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and for monitoring of the exocrine pancreas function.

IDK®  TurbiPEL® is available in 3 package sizes:

  • 100 tests (TU1011.1)
  • 200 tests (TU1011.2)
  • 800 tests (TU1011.8)

For the extraction of the stool samples we recommend our stool extraction device IDK®  TurbiTUBE® (TU0091.A).

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