„We work for a world in which diseases are diagnosed in time. Yesterday, we developed analytical methods that are now routinely used throughout laboratory diagnostics. Today, we are developing tests for basic and applied research that will help predict and prevent disease in the future. Identifying disease risks, making accurate predictions, initiating preventive measures and continuously monitoring them - this is where the future lies."

Dr. Franz Paul Armbruster - CEO Immundiagnostik AG

Immundiagnostik AG was founded by Dr. Franz Paul Armbruster in 1986 and is now an internationally active diagnostics company with representatives in over 70 countries. The focus of our work is the development and production of innovative immunoassays, LC-MS/MS, HPLC, PCR and other analytical detection methods for medical routine and research. In addition, you will find a wide range of antibodies and antigens in our portfolio. Further services like proficiency testing or contract developments complete our program.


Location Bensheim IDK 2.0

Only 800 metres away from our main building in Stubenwald-Allee, we have commissioned our new production and warehouse building in Sophie-Opel Straße.


IDK Inc. founded

The North American subsidiary, Immundiagnostik, Inc. located in Manchester, NH was founded in 2018 by Dr. Franz Paul Armbruster, Jennifer Mayes, Terry Fisher and Dr. Karl Florian Wintgens.


QuantOn® Technology as a leading cutting-edge technology

QuantOn® technology established as a leading cutting-edge technology for point-of-care diagnostics.

Completion of our new production and warehouse in Sophie-Opel-Straße 7, Bensheim
  • 100 employees
Foundation of Immundiagnostik Inc. as North American subidiary
  • based in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA
Expansion of our headquarters to 5000 sqm
  • 80 employees
Moved into new headquarters
  • Stubenwald-Allee 8a, Bensheim
  • 50 employees
Moved to Wiesenstraße 4, Bensheim
  • 18 employees
Relocated our facilities to Bensheim
  • Wilhelmstraße 7, Bensheim
  • 6 employees
Foundation of Immundiagnostik in Darmstadt
  • Founding
  • 2 employees

Our Partners

Immundiagnostik, Inc

Immundiagnostik, Inc. is the North American subsidiary of Immundiagnostik AG.


Liftric GmbH

Independent spin-off company by Immundiagnostik AG. Development and sales of software for diagnostics.


Preventis GmbH

The globally oriented Preventis GmbH focuses on point-of-care diagnostics and telemedical solutions, primarily in the fields of gastroenterology, infectious diseases, reproductive medicine and oncology.



Innovative healthcare company specializing in self-assessment tests.


Armbruster Biotechnology

Development of therapeutics and medical devices. The focus is on bone metabolism, bone metastases.

SDS Special Diagnostic Services GmbH

Specialised diagnostic laboratory services.

Clinical Laboratory

International, fully peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of laboratory medicine, transfusion medicine, and cell therapy.


Relaxera Pharmazeutische Gesellschaft mbH & Co KG

Development of pharmaceuticals and treatments with human relaxin-2 for chronic cardiovascular diseases and (pre-)diabetic conditions.