IDK® Vitamin C, colorimetric

Article number: K 4000





Pack size

96 Tests

Standard concentrations included in the kit

one point calibration

Possible sample matrix and volumes

Li-heparin plasma 200 µl
Serum 200 µl
Urine 200 µl

Incubation periods

  1. 15 minutes
  2. 3 hours
  3. 20 minutes


Regulatory Status

CE marked

As a result of increased oxidative stress, the level of vitamin C is reduced in various syndromes, e.g. the level of vitamin C in blood from HIV positive patients is significantly lower. The content in blood plasma falls from 75.7 µmol/l to 40.7 µmol/l. Smoking causes a high consumption of vitamin C in the blood plasma. Protein thiols are oxidised and after the Vitamin C pool has been depleted, lipid peroxidation begins.
In serum and plasma vitamin C is found as ascorbic acid as well as the oxidized form: dehydro-ascorbate. Both forms are biologically active.

In our vitamin C assay an oxidation is induced prior to the determination of the analyte so that both forms are measured.
A dose response curve of the absorbance unit (optical density, OD at 492 nm) vs. concentration is generated, using the values obtained from standard. The concentration of the patient sample is determined directly from the linear standard curve.