IDK® PMN-Elastase (1-point-calibration; Stool) ELISA

Article number: K 6830



Pack size

96 Tests

Possible sample matrix and volumes

Stool 15 mg

Incubation periods

  1. 3 x 1 hours
  2. 10-20 minutes


Regulatory Status

CE marked

PMN-Elastase from human polymorphnuclear granulocytes is a glycoprotein of 30 kDa and belongs to the group of serine proteases. Active PMN-Elastase is released from azurophil granula of neutrophil granulocytes after irritation or disintegration. The determination of the PMN-Elastase in stool is used to record inflammatory reactions where neutrophils are involved. Especially in Crohn´s disease the inflammatory process go hand in hand with an increased phagocytic activity and the biological decay of these cells and thus leads to an increased release of PMN-Elastase and other lysosomal enzymes.
This ELISA Version (K 6830) is based on a 1-point-calibration.