SDMA (Symmetric Dimethylarginine) ELISA

Article number: K 7780



Pack size

96 Determinations

Standard concentrations included in the kit

0.1-4.0 µmol/l

Possible sample matrix and volumes

Serum 50 µl
EDTA plasma 50 µl
Li-heparin plasma 50 µl

Incubation periods

  1. 45 minutes
  2. 2 hours
  3. 1 hour
  4. 10-15 minutes


Regulatory Status

CE marked

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Endogenous marker of renal dysfunction

The dosage of most drugs must be adapted in renal insufficiency, making accurate assessment of renal function a prerequisite in clinical practice. Furthermore, even a modest decline in renal function has been recognized as a cardiovascular risk. Serum creatinine is typically used to asses renal function, but does not increase at modest decline in renal function. Consequently, there is an ongoing search for suitable endogenous markers of renal function. SDMA is a methylated derivative of L-Arginine which is strictly eliminated by renal extraction. Therefore, SDMA plasma level is strongly correlated to renal function. Moreover, there are hints that increased SDMA correlates with total sequential organ failure indicating both renal and hepatic failure and an increased cardiovascular risk.