Turbidimetry: New Technology – New Products – New Chances


Immundiagnostik AG is glad to announce the launch of three new products. With immediate effect we expand our gastro-portfolio by 3 particle enhanced turbidimetric immunoassays (PETIA). Those three assays will carry the product names IDK® TurbiCAL®, IDK® TurbiPEL® and IDK® TurbiFIT® and are able to quantitatively detect calprotectin, pancreatic elastase and haemoglobin, respectively, in human stool samples.

In addition, we offer IDK® TurbiTUBE® our smart and handy stool sample extraction device pre-filled with the universal extraction buffer for our turbidimetric assays.

Those PETIAs assays are based on a latex agglutination reaction and allow precise results within minutes. As they are running on clinical chemistry analysers these products enable continuous loading and a random-access workflow, thus allowing customers increase their throughput.

The test principle and the test procedure is easy. Latex particles coated with specific antibodies are mixed with the sample and within a few minutes the antigen in the samples reacts with the antibodies coated to the latex particles. Due to this reaction aggregates are formed in the sample, which causes a turbidity of the sample.

The level of turbidity can be measured by measuring the absorbance of detection light at a certain wavelength, which is proportional to the amount of antigen in the sample. The more antigen is present in the sample the more aggregates are formed and the light is absorbed.