ImAnOx® (TAS/TAC) (Antioxidative Capacity), colorimetric

Article number: KC5200



Pack size

96 Tests

Standard concentrations included in the kit

one point calibration

Possible sample matrix and volumes

EDTA plasma 20 µl
Serum 20 µl

Incubation periods

  1. 10 minutes
  2. 5 minutes


Regulatory Status

CE marked

The human body is constantly under attack from free radicals that occur as part of normal cell metabolism, and by exposure to environmental factors such as UV light, cigarette smoke, environmental pollutants and gamma radiation. The resulting Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) circulate freely in the body with access to all organs and tissues, which can have serious repercussions throughout the body. The body possesses a number of mechanisms both to control the production of ROS and to cope with free radicals in order to limit or repair the damage to tissues.
Overproduction of ROS or insufficient defence mechanisms lead to a dangerous disbalance in the organism. Thereby several pathomechanisms implicated in over 100 human diseases, e.g. cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes mellitus, inflammatory disease, aging, etc., were induced.
Determination of the antioxidative capacity becomes of fundamental importance in medical diagnosis and in research. The ImAnOx®-Assay is fast, reliable and easy to perform. The total antioxidative capacity is measured.