Thymosin α1 ELISA

Article number: KR9510



Pack size

96 Tests

Standard concentrations included in the kit

4-1000 ng/ml

Possible sample matrix and volumes

Serum 400 µl
Thymus extract 400 µl

Incubation periods

  1. 18 hours
  2. 1,5 hour
  3. 1 hour
  4. 10-20 minutes


Regulatory Status

RUO (research use only)

Thymosin a1 was the first single peptide isolated from thymus fraction 5. It acts on T-helper and NK-cells. Thymosin a1 has been reported for exert effects on hormon regulating the hypothalamus. Thymosin a1 has been demonstrated to have beneficial effects in animal models of liver and colon carcinoma or leukaemia. Its use as a prognostic factor in human studies, e.g. colon carcinoma has been discussed. Thymosin a1 has been successfully used as component combined chemotherapy in bronchial carcinoma.